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The question that you are hearing more and more frequently lately is: what is fracking? What does fracking have to do with natural gas, oil, hydraulic fracturing, and radon? Well in this article I will discuss these questions and give you a better idea of what fracking is all about. So fracking is drilling into the earth to remove oil and gases this is also known as hydraulic fracturing. This method has been used for over 60 years and is very beneficial. Also is used to surge US oil and natural gas.

Hydraulic fracturing aka fracking taps into a rock by drilling down to the main source of water to create wells. You can also view a fracking map around the world to see the many locations that they have been to. Because of hydraulic fracturing, America has an energy revolution that we did not have before. The US has found a way to obtain oil and natural gas from fracking these locations. In the next decade or so they will obtain 80% of natural gas by using hydraulic fracturing.

They are also stimulating old wells with newer productions. This method is processed very carefully as they can release natural gas like radon. Radon is a gas that is radioactive and can cause illness. There is also a map for natural gas and radon exposure across the world in many places. When fracking these locations they are prepared for this issue to happen. However, there are occasions when it happens so they try to contain it as much as possible. The subject has been controversial throughout the years in concerns of it being hazardous from the radon and natural gas.

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Hydraulic fracturing companies have battled their way to obtain oil and natural gas to fulfill the needs of society. Oils are very beneficial to our environment as we need them rather than the gases that are inadvertently released. Fracking can contaminate our water sources, trigger earthquakes, and even pollute our air quality. These are the things that everyone stresses about when fracking is present. Fracking has its pros and cons but we do need oil which is a main factor to why fracking is so popular. Until we can find another source then this is the way it will be handled and they continue to do better. If it was not for fracking then we would not have our oil wells or natural gas wells.

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